Patricia Brex
Sydney, Australia
18 Jun 2018
As all teachers know, students love praise, encouragement and most of all stickers. These personalised stickers always add such a ... more
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Built4U Single - $5.50 inc GST *


Design your own stickers using our graphics and your own name and wording!

Available in 3 sizes!

25mm 70 stickers,  32mm 40 stickers
and 45mm 24 stickers. 



Receive 70 of the one sticker design 25mm Dia, our graphic, your name and your wording of encouragement.

Receive 40 of the one sticker design 32mm Diameter.

Receive 24 of the one stickers design 45mm Diameter.

Here is how!
Step 1:  Select a graphic you want and note the number top left of each sticker. 
Step 2:  Decide on your message and name to be printed.
No more than 35 letters, including 
spaces, for name and message together.
Step 3: Click on order link below.

No more than 35 letters, including spaces, for name and message together.

Sizes shown below are for comparision only 
as sizes shown will vary with your screen size.

Built4U Single 25 shown below.

All prices in Australian Dollars

Click the size you would like below to open next page for ordering.

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Built4U Single

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Built4U Single
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