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Matt Butler
Matt Butler
Coffs Harbour
02 Nov 2023
Hassle free. Been buying stickers for years. Highly recommend.

PBL when implemented well, can achieve great results.


  • Students who have been taught what is expected of them respond positively.​
  • Consistent responses to student learning and behaviour from staff.
  • Students will feel safe and cared for at school. 
  • Unproductive and challenging behaviour can be significantly reduced for most students.


We have produced many PBL stickers for different Schools to complement their PBL programs.

Some have incorporated the school logo, some use images produced by the students and others have a mascot or special logo that they ask us to incorporate into their PBL Stickers.


Many schools select some of our graphics to create their PBL stickers. We are able to create your PBL stickers no matter whether you want to supply images or use some of ours!

Email us with your ideas and we will work with you to create the perfect stickers to encourage the children to become fully involved in the PBL program within your school.


We have a few different sets available for you, click here to be taken to our PBL page!

You can order the PBL - Bees - click on the image below!

You can order these PBL - Emoji  or PDL Smiles or PDF Students.
Click on the images below to be taken to the ordering page for each set!

St Marys District School in Tasmania wanted to use their great looking logos!


Cronulla Public School in NSW wanted to use their own logo, we added backgrounds and their wording!


Fairfield Public School supplied their own fantastic images and selected background colours as well!


You can select our images or supply yours, include your school name or personalise for all the staff!


Quote request for custom PBL stickers!
Email or use the item to let us know what you would like quoted!

We require a few details for us to give you an accurate price.
1. Size of stickers - 25mm or 32mm diameter. 25mm most popular.
2. Number of different stickers that make up your PBL Sticker Set.
3. Number of images to be used.
4. Background colours for each design/wording.
5. Quantity of each sticker.

Proofs will be emailed to ensure all is correct before printing and delivery.
We allow for several corrections or adjustments if required.

Stickers can be packed as required,but generally the stickers are packed
in plastic bags with an equal quantity of each sticker design together.

(Sets of 25mm are in lots of 70 of each design. 
32mm are in lots of 40 of each design.)

This make distribution throughout school more convenient.

Thank you to the Schools for permission to show their great stickers!

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